Dogleg Mechanics was established by Harry Westendorp and Erik Kouwenhoven.  With Harry designing and producing apparel and Erik working as a motoring journalist specializing in Porsches, they shared a passion for early Porsches 911. There was no doubt about a name: Porsche's famous dogleg gearbox with the first gear left below formed the inspiration for the new brand. After a couple of years, due to other busy programms, they decided to sell the brand. 

In 2016 Frank van Lieshout took over the Dogleg business. As car enthousiast, Porsche collector and seller he was interested in the brand. With his business Lieshout Car Collection (  he could combine the Dogleg business easily as it is adding mutual business value.

As Dogleg gearboxes are not only fitted in Porsches but also in other cars (Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Alfa and even in Opel Kadett GTE and more ), the brand will be more independent in future from Porsche connections than before.

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